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Consulting Services

Residential Consultations

A typical residential consultation lasts four to six hours but some can take substantially more time.  Some of the visit must occur during daylight hours, and it is better if the weather is conducive and not pouring rain.  Some pre-work is usually done prior to the home visit, and also a limited amount of windshield surveying in the immediate neighborhoods.  Except for a brief time of safety training with Pre-K and older students, most residential consultations should be limited to adults and focused on the topic at hand.  The range of items covered during the consultation does vary according to the circumstances, but generally will cover at least the following areas:


Businesses and Organizations

We work with clients on a case-by-case basis, customizing all projects to fit their pre-existing level of readiness.  For most clients at least a preliminary assessment is in order.  This can give critical guidance going forward to those who are just starting as well as for those who are updating their planning process.  It can also help spot potential gaps and/or provide affirmations for clients who have more advanced measures already in place. Preliminary assessments are also sometimes a requirement prior to certain kinds of customized training and drills and exercises.  

The range of  potential services is large, and these are but a few examples:

"Her knowledge & professionalism are great.  She is a very polished presenter who can explain very complicated issues in a clear and calm manner.  We would wholeheartedly recommend her to any company looking to develop their own plan. [George Poitou, COO, SCE Federal Credit Union].

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"[The Incident Command help was] quite valuable, even for schools sho already have a good disaster plan in place."  (Convention participant and member, American Christian Schools International))