Our Philosophy


Disaster safety is definitely NOT a case of "one size fits all".  

A home is different than a workplace.  A manufacturing business from an office environment.  An apartment from a single family home.  A young family from an elderly widow living alone.  A business with one location and no one in the field, from a delivery business with trucks and cars on the road 24/7.  Plus, each disaster has its own signature, even within a particular category of disaster. 


So many things can differ, fom the unique physical characteristics of the site and buildings, to the population size, to the age and health of the people, and types of activities, schedules, economics and lifestyle factors.

Our goal is to help you make sense of these variables, no matter what your situation, and apply creative and customized solutions to improve the physical, psychological and economic life safety for you and those you care about.

               For You.  For Life!